Bet on draws on soccer matches combined with odds number of goals

For the past few days, a betting system for football matches grabbed my attention. I’ll do most of my betting researches on it as I carefully record my results to see if it makes sense to invest more effort on it or not.

Basically,arsenal I bet with a fairly good success on draws on football matches. I managed to achieve about 15% net profit from around 100 bets, which is not something amazing, but it is still a profit. However, a few days ago, I decided to try a backup to my bets on football draws that should be successful. It’s about breaking the bet in two parts with one bet on the draw and the other for this match to end with an odd number of goals.

The idea is simple. When betting on matches, expecting draws you usually bet on teams with equal strength. In a huge percentage of cases such matches ended either with a draw or with a win for one of the teams with one goal difference.

Thus, I cover both cases. If the match ends with a draw, the bet is winning. If it ends with a win with one goal difference, the bet on odd goals becomes winning.

So far the system works more than well as my success is over 80%. Of course, the profit is much lower than if you bet only on draws and have such great success rate, but even so I was able to achieve ROI within 30% so far, which is more than fine.

Of course, right now I do only paper sheet betting. I want to make 100 bets and only then to start betting with real money. Unfortunately it has too often happened to me to have a system which looks really promising, but it later turns out that things are not quite as good as at first glance.


Even after 100 bets if the system works well, I would not start betting with big money, but I will start with the lower bank. Thus I will try to gain the needed money from the system itself and I will protect my betting bank from losing money in case of serious failure.

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